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Participants are waiting for this moment – winners announcement! It’s good idea to provide separate page for this and include not only winners and their entries but also some feedback.

If you run a contest on Competizer it will help you by providing automatically generated winners page template. Some elements would be placed by application, some you could add by yourself.

Announce winners

Make the winners real ambassadors of your brand. Make them proud by presenting winning entries and their authors in a prominent way.

Competizer will display by default:

  • winning entries
  • with entry title,
  • contributor’s nickname (linked with profile page)
  • like button
  • link to entry page
  • number of comments.

Each winning entry could be proceded by additional title. Here you can place final position, category, how the winner was chosen or which prize goes to this winner.

  • First place / The winner is…
  • First place in “Summer” category
  • First place by user’s choice.
  • Ipad goes to…

Review winning entries

Each winning entry could also have a custom review. If the winners were chosen by jury then ask them to explain their choice. You can add judge’s photo and name to the review.

Interview with the winner

You can also make an interview with the winner and place it on winners page too. You can ask why and how did he/she enter the competition, how is he/she going to use/ spend a prize, how the winner is inspired by the contest.


Expose prizes especially when they emphasize your brand’s products, services or mission. You can place pictures or video of awards ceremony or if prizes are posted by email ask the winner to make a report.

Exhibition and press releases

Do you really like the content generated by your users? Why not make an exhibition, a calendar, a book or use them in other creative ways in your marketing campaigns? Or maybe your contest was mentioned by other media? Let your users know where and when they can find themselves in public.

Winners page for loosers…?

If you buzz enough about winners announcement (via emails, on Facebook) there will be quite a lot of traffic to your page made by participants. Most of them won’t win. So how to please them?

In intro thank all participants and sum up the contest. Tell if it was difficult to choose winners. Make them feel that their contribution is very appreciated.

You can also choose runner-ups and award them with smaller prizes or just appreciate by displaying on winners page. In Competizer runner-ups are displayed as in gallery, grouped by categories. You can provide some introduction to this part.



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