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Inspiration and ideas for competition based marketing campaigns.

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5 contest ideas inspired by current events

You know people always look for breaking news, new trends, hot topics. Choose one of them, combine with your company mission, values or offer and boil outstanding contest idea.
See examples provided by marketing gurus and be inspired when starting your own successful contest.Janet Meiners provides great ideas for small business:

“Clothing company PLNDR gave a unique twist to the NCAA. Instead of basketball teams facing off against each other, they had brands submit T-shirt designs and let them battle on Facebook. The designer with the most “likes” moved to the next round. As a result, PLNDR’s Facebook page grew 800 percent.”

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Organizing a contest is usually time-consuming. Kim Garst will convince you how to drive engagement within minutes using Facebook. One of her ideas is to  “Caption This“.    

Use a footage from headlines and ask users to find a caption that is relevant to your brand or conversely – use your footage and ask users to comment from perspective of current hot topic. Kim notes that “caption contests are great as they allow your fans to show a little personality; an added bonus is that other entrants will actually enjoy reading other entries!”.

Another idea provides Pamela Vaughan in her article with examples of Pinterest contest held by real brands. Moreover she explains why they work!
High Point Market contest was held during trade shows for the furniture industry. They recruited top home fashion trendsetters to showcase their favorite products and top trends from High Point Market week. Designated participants would pin them to High Point Market pinboards and feature the exhibitor responsible for the item pinned. These “Style Spotters” also gave the exhibitors whose items they pinned a physical sign at the trade show that highlighted the Style Spotter’s name as well as a QR code and URL for the Pinterest board. Event attendees then voted for the Style Spotters by Liking or repinning the pins, earning them various point values. The Style Spotter with the most popular pinboard won a trip to the next High Point Market event.


Another idea is to hold a code word contest. “A well-executed code word contest can be a huge audience-driver” says Matt Hummert from Second Street. He points out that you should add a code word field to the registration page.  2 weeks length would be the best option. So the schedule of the contest would be crucial: your contest can come together with the long-lasting event or end up on an event important for your audience. Matt has some more clues for you: “Announce a new code word and give away a new prize every day. The most successful code word contests give out one code word per day, and offer a chance to win each time a new code word is announced. This encourages people to return to your programming day after day, because the more they watch or listen, the more chances they have to win.

Give the code word during programming you want to grow audience for.”

If you want to find more inspiration Second Street has provided detailed stats and case studies grouped by categories of most popular contest types including  sports: football, basketball, auto racing, golf, hockey, occasions: valentines day, mother’s or father’s day, haloween, and many others. Just choose a topic.


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The biggest paid for entry contests

There are few popular photo contests that require entry fees. Check out their rates, how do they exposure participants and winners work and how do they handle with photographer rights.

The biggest and the most popular paid for entry contests:

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Contests ideas with product marketing

Contests could be a great tool of internet marketing. Check out some good examples how to promote a product in the contest.

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Writing contests ideas

Creative marketing ideas implemented in the topics of writing contests.

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Photo contests ideas

What participants can shoot in photo contest? How to bind contest and internet marketing?

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Absolute winners page


Participants are waiting for this moment – winners announcement! It’s good idea to provide separate page for this and include not only winners and their entries but also some feedback.

If you run a contest on Competizer it will help you by providing automatically generated winners page template. Some elements would be placed by application, some you could add by yourself. read more »

Contest ideas Organize

How to organize photo contest?

  1. Propose different themes/categories to make it easier to participate. Some people will find one category more suitable, the others would prefer another category.
  2.  Organize public voting and jury voting to get both: promotion and liability. If you don’t want to bother with judges at least let yourself decide about winners. Quite often most voted entry wouldn’t be the one you would like to make a winner.
  3. Maximize range by using also Facebook application and mobile application.
  4. In a photo competition give a chance for mobile uploads by assigning another category for them.
  5. Let Photoshop wizards step up. Add another category for them.
  6. Provide valuable prizes or even better most wanted by your target group. Talk with partners about sponsoring additional prizes.
  7. Choose and promote best photos on Facebook, on your site or in paper. It could be photo of the day, week or month.
  8. Promote the contest on internet, on Facebook and other social media. Find out where your target group is and be there.
  9. For most effective promotion ask partners or marketing agency for help.
  10. Integrate with social media: ask for likes and recommendations, include widgets: Facebook like box, Tweets, etc.
  11. Make use of best photos: print as a book or calendar, organize exhibition. You can also print best entries and send them to the winners as additional souvenir.
  12. At the end download participants data and photos. Review stats also from Facebook application. Find out what can you do better next time.

Are looking for a tool, that could support you in all those activities? Check how Competizer platform could help you create and run your photo contest.

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