How to promote contest aside from social media?

There are few factors that may boost your promotion without an effort.

Invite your friends from Facebook
Built in link “Invite your friends” from Facebook

Use the power of visitors and participants

Take participant’s promotion into account: encourage them to share direct link to their entries or the “Invite friends” link on the top right for signed up with Facebook users, enable FB likes and comments for contest entries and your traffic will double.

Make sure that shared entry looks appealing. In Competizer in photo contest photo will be shared with its title and contest slogan. In writing competition similarly,  but the author’s avatar is shared or you can assign additional image to be shared with entry.

Boost with voting

Call to action in gallery title.
Call to action in gallery title

Enable popular voting (for credibility add also judges voting before or after popular voting).
Set up voting limits per day, so users are welcomed to come back everyday and vote more. Tell clearly how to vote e.g. “Vote for your 5 favorite  photos each day” on home page and in the title of gallery with all entries. It’s also a good idea to remind it by email, especially if the voting stage starts later then submission.

Deliver unique prize

The very unique but desired prize can attract fans and make them promote your contest. Meeting famous person can bring you even four times more visitors then some cash or electronic gadget.

Use mailings

If you have emails of your users or participants from previous contest and they allowed to be emailed – send them welcome email. Email users also to inform them about competition progress and don’t forget to place clear call to action links. For example few days before the end of submission (if you allow more than one entry per participant) ask if they took part in all categories. Before the end of voting – ask if they promoted their entry with their friends.

Internet and partners

Let your clients know about the contest where you meet them using banners, leaflets and posters.

Promote contest on your website: before and during the contest.
Choose entry of the day, to reward more users. If you havn’t got too big audience common way of promoting contest would be to ask media (newspaper, tv, radio, portal) or others for partnership.

There are many websites where contests are listed. Some of them enables you to add info about contest for free together with info about basic rules, prizes and timeline.

For long time contest think about SEO while creating copy. In Competizer entry titles together with contributor nick are the page title. It works for SEO and makes traffic on contest website.

Keep the base for next actions

Keep contest website alive also after winners announcement.
With the next contest you will have starting users base.
If you use the same domain for all your contest it will be already known by search engines and will be easier to find it as you start new competition.


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