How to promote any contest using Facebook?

Providing that you are going to organize contest it’s very important to have a good plan how to get to the many and the right people. Why not use the power of Facebook? Find some tips how you can promote the contest just by writing posts and using other Facebook tools.

How to promote contest using Facebook - infographic
How to promote the contest using Facebook – infographics


Promote the contest within your pages

You can start talking about the contest even before it starts. Describe the topic a little bit, promise some prizes, announce when it’s going to get started.

At start invite your fans to the new contest by writing a new post. Tell about prizes, describe basic rules: what’s the topic or task, how to enter, how the winner is chosen. Apply graphics to catch the eye. Best if it is consistent with contest look&feel.

Contest entry shared on Facebook
Shared entry

Once the competition is running write posts about competition progress: at the beginning of submission and voting stage, a few days before the end of them.

You can also  like, comment and share most interesting entries on your timeline or your Page’s timeline. For example choose entry of the day, week or month.

Due to Facebook policy you can’t inform winners only through the posts on your timeline, but feel free to invite your fans to the contest when winners are announced and published.

Direct invites to the contest

Invite your friends from Facebook
Use built in link “Invite your friends” from Facebook

You can also directly invite your friends. Sign up to your contest with Facebook and use the link on the top right. If you have hundreds of friends then probably better to do this partially (by 20 each time). Before you do this make sure that you have set the right address for the application on Facebook for developers: Website with Facebook Login. It could be the address of your www, tab or canvas app.

Create Event to promote the contest

The other strategy is to create an event on Facebook and here invite users. Facebook doesn’t put a limit on the number of guests for events. Ask your guests to invite their friends, but first allow it in your event’s privacy settings. You  can also share the event on your timeline or your Page’s timeline.

Just remember that it would be an additional step for participants, so use it only if you have a good strategy for the event page.

It would be a great tool if you plan an event in a real world, for instance workshops, winners announcement or exhibition. Then you can add info where the event would take place.

If you repeat the contest then you can easily repeat the event. Guests from the previous event that you’re friends with will be invited the repeat event as well as guests who didn’t decline or remove themselves from the original invite.

Contest as page tab

Add your contest as tab on your Facebook page. Move the contest icon at the beginning, so all visitors of your page can spot it.

Contest tab visible for visitors
Contest tab visible for visitors

Page tabs are not available in the Facebook mobile application, so make sure that mobile users can spot your contest in your timeline posts with the www address. Mobile users will get to the contest via a mobile browser, while all other desktop users will be redirected to the Page tab (if properly set).

Contest as canvas app

The other option is to run a contest as a canvas app on Facebook, which makes the contest available in search result and on apps list. Moreover participants would be provided with the icon of the contest app on apps lists.

Find a new audience

If you want to reach new audiences on Facebook you can look for groups or other fan pages, where your target group could be. In some cases probably you should ask their administrators about permission.

Ad Campaigns

You can also pay to promote your posts or add paid advertisement to the Facebook and choose the audience by location, age, gender, interests and connections. Make sure that there is the link to the contest landing page or tab.

Cooperate with partners and sponsors

Share the contest tab app with partners or sponsors to reach their fans. Provide promotional materials to the sponsors or partners and share posts on their timeline.


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