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Sponsors for my contest wanted!

Before you grab the phone or write an email with information about your competition – think what your partner can benefit from the cooperation with you. There is a good chance that speaking the language of the benefits will help you reach your goal and get a sponsor.

Here you are a few possible benefits for your sponsor:

  • promotion of the brand and products.
  • a valuable user base (leads).
  • additional traffic to the website.
  • social media marketing and SEO effect.

You can reach specific benefits using some proven methods and tools. Just read what you can offer and how to communicate it. Choose your proposition, prepare nice presentation and send as an offer together with basic information about the contest  to a potential candidate for the sponsor :)


1. Display the contest page layouts with highlighted advertising space. It often happens that the sponsor provides custom banners – he should know that you have a policy of their publication. Attache the banners specification taking into account the size and the maximum weight.

Content marketing

2. Suggest a page dedicated to  the sponsor’s content: company name, logo, description, photos, information about sponsored awards, offer, social media pages.

3. Additional page available only for already engaged users – ie. right after entering the competition or voting – where you can sneak it good promotional content or external links.

Sponsor’s widgets

4. Your sponsor could also like an option to implement his social media widget

5. Or news from his RSS feed.

Get feedback

6. Add  additional sponsor’s question on sign up such as: “What brand of camera do you use?”

Get leads

7. Suggest “I agree to receive offers from COMPANY X” on sign up.

Product seeding and product placement

8. Sponsors will be happy to give you a prize. Let your participants actually know who sponsors them. Write about it in the rules, present on the sponsor’s and on the home page of the contest. You can also create a page dedicated to the awards and mention about them in kick-off mailing.


9. Provide the sponsor with details of your promotional plan. What’s your audience? How are you going to reach them: by email, in your social media channels, text, other?


After the competition send a summary with statistics and thank for participation. Perhaps you have gained a partner for the next contests :)

Good luck!