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Mobile friendly contest

More and more people are using mobile devices to browse internet, to check emails, go on Facebook. These are places where your contest is promoted by you or by users themselves. Imagine what if the mobile user can enter your contest and it provides excellent user experience, so the user can fully participate in the contest: browse, vote or enter the contest? Or in other scenario sign up on desktop and then with mobile device submit entries or vote when it’s more convenient?
Such experience could be quite easily provided  by responsive design. read more »

Contest ideas Organize

How to organize photo contest?

  1. Propose different themes/categories to make it easier to participate. Some people will find one category more suitable, the others would prefer another category.
  2.  Organize public voting and jury voting to get both: promotion and liability. If you don’t want to bother with judges at least let yourself decide about winners. Quite often most voted entry wouldn’t be the one you would like to make a winner.
  3. Maximize range by using also Facebook application and mobile application.
  4. In a photo competition give a chance for mobile uploads by assigning another category for them.
  5. Let Photoshop wizards step up. Add another category for them.
  6. Provide valuable prizes or even better most wanted by your target group. Talk with partners about sponsoring additional prizes.
  7. Choose and promote best photos on Facebook, on your site or in paper. It could be photo of the day, week or month.
  8. Promote the contest on internet, on Facebook and other social media. Find out where your target group is and be there.
  9. For most effective promotion ask partners or marketing agency for help.
  10. Integrate with social media: ask for likes and recommendations, include widgets: Facebook like box, Tweets, etc.
  11. Make use of best photos: print as a book or calendar, organize exhibition. You can also print best entries and send them to the winners as additional souvenir.
  12. At the end download participants data and photos. Review stats also from Facebook application. Find out what can you do better next time.

Are looking for a tool, that could support you in all those activities? Check how Competizer platform could help you create and run your photo contest.

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